Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need training?

The simple answer is no. From the outset the system has been designed to be intuitive and “simpler to use than internet banking”. When we built myBuildingsTM we knew that it would be impractical to have to train thousands of users across our client base. One of the key design criteria for the system was to balance the functionality needed by Facilities Managers with ease of use. Training on key aspects of the system is available but this is optional.

Do you integrate with other systems?

Yes. We have a number of integrations in place with various Property Management or financial systems. We also integrate to other key systems for example we integrate into both the Australian and New Zealand government registers to perform verify that ABNs and NZBNs (business registration numbers) entered are valid and current. For various clients, we integrate with third party contractor tools such as Rapid Global and CM3 to ensure that vendors that are not compliant are not able to be assigned works.

We also have the ability to integrate into contractor job management systems to automatically create jobs in their system when they are assigned works by our clients.

So the answer is a resounding yes.

Can the system support a Help Desk?

Yes. A number of our clients provide help desk services to their clients using the system.

Does the system work on mobile devices?

Yes. The system is mobile friendly and in addition we have a number of IOS and Android Apps.

Is the system Cloud based?

Yes and always has been. To be honest we are surprised that people still ask this question. There are many obvious benefits to this which are probably still worth mentioning. These include: ease of access, no additional hardware or software needed, automatic backups, always on the latest release … and so on.

Are contractors OK with the system?

Absolutely. The take up of the system has been amazing. Contractors find the system easy to use, massively efficient and the fact that they can load their invoices directly to the system is reason to use the system in itself.

Will we be locked-in to a minimum contract?

No. The standard terms for the provision of our myBuildingsTM solution requires only 90 days of notice for cancellation. We don’t lock our clients in and we let the system speak for itself.

The myLocus platform requires a 12 month minimum term. This is one of the shortest terms in the market for a system of this type.

What will my total costs be?

We have a completely transparent and easy to understand pricing. There are two components of our pricing. There is a small one-off set up fee and then a fixed monthly fee for as long as you use the system. The word “fixed” should be noted as many of our competitors charge variable fees based on usage, volume of transactions and such.

Do my costs change?

Our monthly fees are fixed, so you know what you are paying at all times. There are no variable fees. The only time your fees could change is in accordance with an annual increase which is CPI related or if you take on more properties. Note, if you should decrease the number of properties in your portfolio then your price decreases.

What about Business Intelligence (BI) tools?

If you utilise Business Intelligence tools such as Power BI, Tableau or Qlik, we can enable a data warehouse to allow these tools to query the data and generate immersive reports. We also combine data from our system with data from other systems to facilitate comprehensive dashboards.

What financial controls do you have on expenditure?

Many of our clients utilise our Delegated Levels of Authority (DLOA) functionality, which allows you to configure for each building, how much authority each user has.     If that user attempts to allocate work that exceeds this amount, approval will be requested from the next level up (which is a very simple process involving that user clicking a link in an email).

For some clients, we also store budget data, and implement specific approvals for any works that exceed the budgeted amounts.

Our Quote Request module is also extremely useful in meeting expectations of clients that require multiple quotes for certain works.   This module makes it very easy to request quotes from contractors, easy for them to respond, and easy to accept the quote and continue with the work.

There is so much more we can cover so please contact us if your question hasn’t been answered here.