Digital Twins – continued …

Data and analytics are enabling Digital Twin technology to do more than simply mirror key processes within buildings. It is feasible to use machine learning to predict outcomes based on historical data and algorithms specific to assets thereby assisting in the ability to monitor the lifecycle of those assets, achieve asset optimisation, enable preventive maintenance and mitigate against failure.

Internet of Things (IoT) has and will have a significant role to play in this space. Core Vision has undertaken a fair degree of work with IoT, enabling myBuildingsTM to interact with IoT devices. IoT interaction can be very sophisticated or simple. Again, we have a practical example including one of our favourites and most simple where IoT interaction with myBuildingsTM is used to monitor and action fuel levels in critical backup electricity generators.  

One key aspect of Digital Twin is that it brings into play the interaction of people with buildings, with assets and with processes. We are excited by the opportunities for both myBuildingsTM in the facilities management space and myLocusTM in the building community and engagement space working together with Digital Twin to ensure occupier wellness.

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