For more than 20 years, Core Vision has provided software solutions that maximise the power and purpose of real assets for a range of clients, large and small. Our solutions are leveraged by thousands of commercial properties around the world each year, contributing to our established reputation as a leader in Commercial Facilities Management.

Our innovative cloud-based Facility, Asset and Contractor Management platform allows all stakeholders of a property — whether they are tenants, owners, service contractors or managers to benefit from the use of highly flexible systems in managing building maintenance more effectively and efficiently.

Work Request Management

- Ad-hoc Work Request Management
- Scheduled Work Request Management (PPM)
- Integrated asset management
- Escalation and alerts (Email and SMS options)
- Management information
- Statistics
- Easy to use on any device
- Help desk interface

Asset Management

- Online asset register
- QR code enabled
- Linked documentation and asset information
- Asset group functionality
- Budget and cost tracking
- Mobile and App interfaces

Contractor Management

- Certificates of currency
- Induction (company-wide and site specific)
- Preferred contractor
- Mobile and App interface
- Risk mitigation

Accounts Payable Automation

- Purchase orders
- Contractor complete
- Online invoice load
- Automated invoice content verification
- Delegated level of authority and approvals

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