For more than 20 years, Core Vision has provided software solutions that maximise the power and purpose of real assets.

It’s simple. We believe that buildings matter. And with thoughtful management, they become part of our lives. They become a place where we are comfortable, captivated, and connected to each other and our communities. They become buildings that offer tenants true value. 


At Core Vision, we exist in service of that vision. We are a company that’s developed facilities management solutions for thousands of commercial, retail and residential properties around the world. Over the years, we’ve learned quite a bit. And working proactively, we empower real asset managers to ensure their properties are more valuable each day.

While we redefine the way that our customers manage real assets, tenants remain at the heart of everything we do.

Core Vision is an innovative PropTech company, trusted each day to provide a seamless experience to thousands of property owners, managers, and tenants across the world.

But while we’ve been endorsed by long-standing clients — some who’ve been with us for more than 20 years — our focus has always included the people who occupy these buildings. They are the emotional heartbeat of each property, who we champion with every product decision and stakeholder conversation. Buildings are for people, after all.

Leverage a practical, scalable, configurable and complete facilities management system to improve and protect your real assets.

Unlock the full potential of your building with an Occupier Engagement Platform to engage your community and create a sense of belonging. 

'Happy tenants make for happy owners.'

David Schwartz – Director Primewest