A building’s value consists of a myriad of factors:

functionality, efficiency, safety, and comfort.

But ambition elevates it further...

...for real asset managers.

Core Vision’s software helps you plan, manage and maintain your real assets, no matter the task. And we work thoughtfully to facilitate the success of our customers — delivering practical PropTech software that empowers property stakeholders to collaborate efficiently. 

As a real asset manager, it’s necessary to handle every detail to maintain the wellbeing of a building. But to maximise your building’s value, you need a bigger vision for the space and its community.  

Core Vision’s products help you understand what your buildings are capable of and deliver on that vision to elevate tenant wellbeing and ensure retention. There’s a purpose and a power to your building. And it’s worth more than you realise.

“It is Core Vision’s support, flexibility and willingness to work with us in evolving the system that is a key element of our successful ongoing relationship, and our ability to service niche markets.”


– David McStravick, AMP Capital.

Leverage a practical, scalable, configurable and complete facilities management system to improve and protect your real assets.

Core Vision’s keystone product was developed from the outset to protect and improve the value of our clients’ most valuable real assets. myBuildings™ is an all-in-one facilities management system that has been thoughtfully designed to help you with every aspect of managing your building.

Unlock the full potential of your building with an Occupier Engagement Platform to engage your community and create a sense of belonging. 

Whether you’re an occupier, building owner or manager, navigating large commercial buildings can be challenging. As a human-centred Occupier Engagement Platform, the myLocus portal enables you to connect with the people and places around your office.

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